Total planning and responsibility
    for an investment.

   An overview of our services:

   Projekt development
   Projekt control
   Real estate
   Projekt cash management

Entire planning and administration for investors

We are the contact for immovable projects of all kinds and assist from the first idea of a project until the concept is finished.

Our focal point is the opening-up of building land as well as the development and realization of complex surface building projects (shopping malls, nursing- and office immovables).
In the area of opening-up land we appear not only as a private service provider for specific premises owner but also in some cases as an investor.
In any case it is a prerequisite for all our activities to sign a public law contract or a V+E plan with the responsible community.

Opening-Up Land Within bounds of town-planning contracts:
  • opening-up for private owners
  • opening-up for investors

Immovable Project all kinds:

  • lodging / business
  • trade / service
  • traffic
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